Marissa Robin Abendaño is an artist living and working in New York, NY. She is the daughter of a medical doctor and university professor. When she left her home in the Philippines to travel, Robin was struck by the beauty of a particular little church in Rome, as well the Sistine Chapel.  After establishing her home in New York, she enrolled at Christie’s education program in modern art connoisseurship, where she began to establish her own collection. 

She was a leader at Art Basel, attending VIP events in both Miami and Switzerland since 2003. In addition to inspiration from travels and from Christie's, she frequents The Metropolitan Museum, “because they simply have everything, ” as well as many galleries,  local and international.  

Her collecting and studio practices inform Robin’s ultra-contemporary style, making her a global citizen of undefined cultural space.


 Through my research and observations I explore the nature of things. I am fascinated by the concept of duality, such as the cause and effect of actions, chaos and order, reality and unreality, life and death, and what stays in the culture of the opposite.

My work is abstract, and with freedom I capture the realm of the moment, utilizing various materials from nature to man-made. 

I am seduced by the coexistence of different components in forms, and I underline this through a lyrical sense and subtle rhythms. There is an idea of recurrence, a sort of mantra in the gestures, where the fluidity encounters the inner substance of things.

Education (Poetry, Harvard Extension and Stanford University; Literature and Philosophy, University of Oxford; Modern Art And Its Market, Christie's Education; Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Texas, Dallas)